How We Work

Our approach to social media advertising is based on achieving real, measurable results aligned with your marketing & sales objectives, and business goals in general.

Getting to Know You

When we start working with a new client, our first goal is to understand as much as we can about their business model, their products and services, their ideal customers, as well as their industry and competitors.

We also want to know about their previous social media marketing efforts and its results.

During this step, we also talk about their business goals, analyze all the information provided to us, and carry out an audit of client’s social media channels and online presence in general.

By the end of step 1 we are ready to talk about social media advertising KPIs, and platforms which we would like to use.

Defining Goals and KPIs

During this step, we define KPIs for social media advertising efforts, and how will they relate to client’s business goals.

We also decide upon the platforms that will be used (unless the client came to us with clear idea where they want to advertise), and prepare a proposal for types of ads that will be used to achieve defined KPIs.

Launch, Optimization and Reporting

We start executing the agreed campaigns – our experts setup social media campaigns, prepare audiences, create ad sets and ads.

All campaigns are monitored and optimized to improve the results they achieve.

Every month we prepare a thorough report which shows what KPIs were achieved, what activities were carried out, and what we propose doing in the following weeks.

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